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Our mission is to keep the memory of the victims of National Socialism alive during and around the Second World War. The foundation does this by participating in the Stolpersteine project of the artist Gunter Demnig.

What are Stolpersteine?

Stolpersteine, are made since 1992 by the artist Gunter Demnig. They are brass stones with which we commemorate the victims of National Socialism around and during the Second World War. The brass Stolpersteine ​​is therefore placed in the pavement for the last (freely chosen) home of the victims.

Where are Stolpersteine?

Stolpersteine have been installed in the Netherlands since 29 November 2007. The map on the Where are Stolpersteine page shows where Stolpersteine are already been laid; the place where the victims last freely chosen address.

Who can do a request?

Anyone can request a Stolperstein. For anyone who was murdered by the Nazi regime, but also for victims who committed suicide because of the occupiers, had to go into hiding or otherwise suffered. The Stichting Stolpersteine does not want to express an opinion on who can be considered as a victim and who cannot.

“Tracks: Stumbling Stones Amsterdam”
This heartfelt and beautifully shot documentary “Tracks: Stumbling Stones Amsterdam” from Maclovia Martel explores the laying of “Stolpersteine” memorial stones honoring Holocaust victims, installed in front of the homes along the Herengracht-canal in Amsterdam. The movie  has been awarded “The Best Cinematography” Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival in January 2023 and will be officially published in Summer 2023. See more information about the award. 

About the Stichting

The Stichting Stolpersteine has cooperated since the beginning with the STIFTUNG – SPUREN – GUNTER DEMNIG (Sporen Foundation) in Germany.

The STIFTUNG – SPUREN – GUNTER DEMNIG manages the data of all Stolpersteine that are laid worldwide and is responsible for the production of the Stolpersteine.


Support us

Stichting Stolpersteine is an officially recognised charitable not-for-profit organisation. This has been confirmed by the Dutch government with an ANBI status. This guarantees that all donations are used for the purpose of the foundation; the laying of Stolpersteine.

We currently work exclusively with volunteers and donations to cover the costs of laying the Stolpersteine.

If you want to support the work of the Stichting Stolpersteine, you can donate via:

Bank: IBAN: NL34TRIO2018081322 – Stichting Stolpersteine