Where are Stolpersteine?


Stolpersteine have been installed in the Netherlands since 29 November 2007 and in Amsterdam since 4 May 2009 and in Utrecht since 8 April 2010. The map below shows where Stolpersteine are already been laid; the place where the victims last freely chosen address. You can also see the places where other victims lived, but where no Stolperstein have yet been requested or placed to commemorate them. If you think that this should be done, you can apply.

Support us

Stichting Stolpersteine is an officially recognised charitable not-for-profit organisation. This has been confirmed by the Dutch government with an ANBI status. This guarantees that all donations are used for the purpose of the foundation; the laying of Stolpersteine.

We currently work exclusively with volunteers and donations to cover the costs of laying the Stolpersteine.

If you want to support the work of the Stichting Stolpersteine, you can donate via:

Bank: IBAN: NL34TRIO2018081322 – Stichting Stolpersteine