The Stichting Stolpersteine

Our mission is to keep the memory of the victims of National Socialism alive during and around the Second World War. The foundation does this by participating in the Stolpersteine project of the artist Gunter Demnig.

Executive Director

Alexander Stukenberg

(*1968, Bad Harzburg, Germany)

After 20 years of work in the logistics sector, Alexander Stukenberg started work in the humanitarian field. He successfully established the international headquarter of a non-governmental organisation that focuses on providing quality healthcare to mobile workers (truck drivers) and the communities they interact with in sub-Saharan Africa. He currently works for the North Star Alliance Foundation as Partner Relations Manager.

Raad van toezicht

Prof. Dr. Jaap Goudsmit

(* 1951, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Jaap is a doctoral researcher and writer and as a professor associated with Amsterdam Neuroscience, the Amsterdam University Medical Center and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is the editor-in-chief of the book “Who do we commemorate on 4 May?” Which will be published in April 2020.

Prof. Dr. Hans Romijn

(* 1955, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

Since 2016, Hans Romijn has been chairman of the board of the Academic Medical Center (AMC), and since June 2018 of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC. He is dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam. Until 2016, he was head of the Internal Medicine Department and chairman of the Internal Specialisms Division AMC. He is a member of the supervisory board of the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD).

Paul de Haan

(*1956, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Originally from Amsterdam, but now alternately living in Berlin and Serbia. In the Netherlands he worked for years in education and radio. He is now working as a freelance city guide in Berlin.

Paul de Haan has been responsible since 2012 for coordinating and organising the Stolpersteine placements for Amsterdam. He now has an advisory role within the foundation and is closely involved in the placement of Stolpersteine in Amsterdam.

Freiwillige Amsterdam/Amstelveen

Markus Seewald

(* 1967, Bremerhaven, Germany)

Markus works in the field of editorial photography and was a photo editor for GEO magazine in Germany for 15 years. He relocated to Amsterdam in 2015, and beside working as a freelancer for magazines, he teaches and coaches photographers.

Marvin Nusseck

(* 1992,  Bad Oldesloe, Germany)

Marvin studied economics, history and political economy, got involved in various charities and worked in the field.
With the passing of the last eyewitnesses, he sees remembering the Holocaust as an increasingly important responsibility of our and subsequent generations. Stolpersteine are a respectful and irreplaceable contribution to forgetting the immense deeds that people can accomplish.

Never again!

Simon Fischer

After graduating in the field of environmental policy Simon was working for several years in the environmental technology sector. He was also active in the field of climate and land use policies as part of an environmental Non-governmental organization for several years.  A while ago he switched to the IT sector where he is currently working as System Administrator for a media company.

Koordinatoren Utrecht

Piet Heyboer

(1948, Groot Ammers/Molenlanden, the Netherlands)

After studying physics Piet worked in secondary education as a teacher, teacher-trainer and project-leader. Among other things responsible for educational development and ICT
After retirement, he volunteered at various local projects aimed at social cohesion.


Mijnie Borghstijn

(*1946, Soestdijk, the Netherlands)

Background social sciences and teacher.

ANBI - non-for-profit

Stichting Stolpersteine is a Public Benefit Organisation under the law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 23 January 2019.


The Stichting Stolpersteine has cooperated since the beginning with the STIFTUNG – SPUREN – GUNTER DEMNIG (Sporen Foundation) in Germany.

The STIFTUNG – SPUREN – GUNTER DEMNIG manages the data of all Stolpersteine that are laid worldwide and is responsible for the production of the Stolpersteine.

In addition, there is also a very good cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam and Utrecht to ensure that the Stolpersteine leggings run smoothly throughout the city. This includes informing the neighbors about the laying, preparing the location and ensuring no disruptions on the day of the official laying.

The municipality’s also ensure that Stolpersteine are temporarily removed and replaced if necessary due to work.

Donors & Partners